Merchant Spotlight

J Christophers
J Christophers $5 off

New Merchants

142 W Clayton St, Athens, GA 30601

Grindhouse Killer Burgers
1553 S. Lumpkin St

Einstein Bros Bagels
259 E Broad St

Plato's Closet
3725 Atlanta Highway

Kroger - New Location!
700 US Hwy 29 N

Steak N Shake
2033 W Broad St

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To start using Bulldog Bucks

To start using Bulldog Bucks, you must have a valid UGA ID card. If you don't have one, you can purchase one at the Card Office in the Tate Center. Once you have an ID, you'll need to activate your account by visiting the Bulldog Bucks office or by going here online. Activating your account is completely free and takes only a couple of minutes. Once you've activated your account, you can deposit money, set up online access, and use Bulldog Bucks on campus and all over town!

The Bulldog Bucks office is located adjacent to the UGA Bookstore around the corner from (behind) the ATM's. We are open Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm except official UGA holidays.

As a UGA student, you will carry your UGA ID card /Bulldog Bucks Card with you wherever you go. Activating your Bulldog Bucks account with a deposit gives you buying power at dining locations on and off-campus, grocery stores, gas stations, bookstores, vending machines, pizza delivery, laundry, print services, pharmacies, tanning salons, coffee shops and more!

Leaving UGA

When you leave UGA (for students, usually by graduating or transferring, for faculty/staff by ending employment) your Bulldog Bucks account will remain active until one of the following things occur:

  1. You complete a Bulldog Bucks Account Closure Form.
  2. Your account remains inactive for one year.

When to close an account

You may close you account at any time. However, except in the case of separation from the University (such as Graduation or Withdrawal), an account management fee will be charged if you close your account before the end of the semester. In addition, you will not be permitted to open a new Bulldog Bucks account until the following semester.

How to close an account

Accounts can be closed online using our Account Closure Form or in person at the Bulldog Bucks office.

Account Balance Refunds

No special action is required to get a refund on your remaining balance when you close your account. Upon account closure, any balance in the account will be applied to any debt you may owe to the University. Any remaining balance in the account less applicable fees or debts owed to the University will then be returned to you.

Cost of Account Closure

Fees will not be charged for account closure unless the account remains inactive for one year (12 calendar months), or the account is closed during the course of a semester. In each of these cases, a fee of either $25 or the account balance, whichever is smaller, will be charged. Accounts closed between semesters or upon separation from the University (such as by Graduation or Withdrawal) will not be charged any closure fee.

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