Balance Information

Print services are protected under Bulldog Bucks' Daily Unattended Limit. Rather than displaying your total account balance, print and copy machines count down from this limit (as do vending machines) That is, if your limit is $10 and you've already spent $2 on printing, copying, or vending today, the readers at these locations will display $8, even if you have $2,000 in your account (of course, if you have less than $10 in your account, your real balance will be displayed). Think of it not as how much you have in your account, but how much more you could spend on unattended services today.

This limit is reset every night at midnight. If you need to check your actual account balance, you can do so online 24 hours a day. If you would like to find out more about the Daily Unattended Limit, including instructions on how to change it, please see our FAQ page.

VTS Cards

We also offer VTS cards for UGA visitors and for anyone who may have forgotten their UGA ID. These cards can be purchased at the VTS machine in the main library. See our VTS page for more info.

Printers are available in the locations listed below.


Main Library

Reference Area
Hargrett Library

Science Library

1st Floor

WEPA Stations