Bulldog Bucks is accepted by over 100 off-campus merchants located all over Athens. Many of these merchants offer special deals all semester long to Bulldog Bucks users. These deals make up the Online Coupon Book. You can use the Coupon Book to view coupons and print out the ones you like, as often as you like.

Every week, one or more locations accepting Bulldog Bucks will offer a special deal for that week only to Bulldog Bucks users. To take advantage of this deal, all you have to do is print out the Merchant Spotlight coupon (by going to the coupons page, clicking the Spotlight coupon, and printing it out), present it to the merchant , and pay with Bulldog Bucks. Be sure to check back every week for new offers!

Most of our coupons are good for the entire semester, and there will be another batch of them for the spring semester. However, some of them are only available for a more limited time, and will be posted and removed as the semester progresses. Furthermore, the Merchant Spotlight coupons change every week. So be sure to keep checking for new offers.

The Online Coupon Book requires Javascript. Most browsers have Javascript enabled by default, but if the links do not work you may need to enable it in your browser's options. See the help files of your web browser for instructions on how to do this.

You may need to download Acrobat Reader. This is a free download. Restart your browser after installing and you should be able to view or download the coupons. If you're browser cannot display the coupons, you can simply save the .pdf files and open them in Acrobat Reader (Mac OSX users can open them in Preview).

Because only four coupons can actually fit on a page, all selections after the first four are ignored. If you would like to print more coupons, just print them in groups of four or less.

Make sure you're printing from the pdf toolbar, not trying to print from the browser's menus. The pdf toolbar is the extra row of buttons that shows up when you go to the coupons. One of these buttons should be print, and the coupons should print correctly as long as you're using this button. You can also use your browser's "Print Preview" options to see whether or not the document is going to print properly before you try it.

If you know that you can view pdf files, your best bet is to be sure your browser is up-to-date (in particular, Firefox users should be sure they're using Firefox 3.5) or to try it in another browser. If this doesn't work, you probably don't have Acrobat Reader installed.

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